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Work in Wellness?

Welcome to the world's first online career course designed to help you find a job you love in the wellness industry. It's time to discover what working in the $4.2 trillion wellness industry (GWI) could look like for you.

In just 8 weeks you'll transform your mindset, discover your blueprint for career success, realise your industry potential, build your toolkit, and take more action than ever before.


Imagine waking up on Monday morning to a job you absolutely love...

Join a community of people who share your passion for health and wellness, want the same career path as you, and are carving out a professional life that truly lights them up.

Because who says the Sunday night blues are normal?

Even if you've just started this journey, or aren't really sure the direction you want to take...

You can live the life you want –– and we are here to show you how.

So what exactly is Work In Wellness?

Work In Wellness is an 8 week online course and community, designed for people who desire to find that fulfilling career in wellness, and who are ready to invest in themselves to see real changes. What's more, it's also designed to be completed alongside a full-time job.

You'll be shown step-by-step how to craft a career search that is meaningful, grounded in you own core values, and leverages your personal passion for wellbeing. We're here to prove to you that work can and should be fulfilling, but doesn't always mean starting from scratch.

Your job is to show up for yourself, embrace the process we've created for you, and get on with creating a truly exciting professional life!

It is time to stop living a mediocre life.

Guess what? We've been exactly where you are. Which is why we've created an 8 week online course that will give you the actual knowledge you need to make transformational change, the skills to find your ideal role in the wellness industry, and a community of like-minded people to support you along the way.

Even better, we have crafted the course to fit into your everyday life.

The course will only require approximately 4 - 6 hours / week which you can do at any time that is convenient to you. So, whether you're in a full-time busy role or currently job hunting, this course is ideal for you!

Find your future within the wellness industry.

The wellness industry is now estimated to be worth $4.2 trillion (GWI) globally, which means that every year thousands of new businesses enter this lucrative space. With new businesses, come new opportunities, with all manner of job titles in demand across a broad variety of industry categories.

Imagine yourself working in one of these popular industry categories, along with many more...

What is it about wellness that gets you excited?

Hear what some of our 80+ alumni have to say about the course...

Jenn L - Work in Wellness Alumni

Listen to this short video where Jenn shares her experience of the Work in Wellness course and how it has transformed her career.

Charlotte F - Work in Wellness Alumni

"I signed up in the midst of a very busy time in my life, but didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of all the learning that was available to me, and connecting with people all on a similar journey.

I have been able to do the course in my own time, to do some self reflection and really get under the skin of what my why and purpose are. WiW is practical, challenging, reflective and insightful. Welltodo has created something amazing for people like me, who want to know more about the wellness industry and shape who they want to be in it. Thank you."

Eilidh W - Work in Wellness Alumni

Listen to this short video where Eilidh shares her experience of the Work in Wellness course and how it has transformed her career.

Grace F - Work in Wellness Alumni

"I loved the Welltodo WiW course. It really helped me set a foundation for making a career change, and helped guide me towards areas I would be more suited to, all through self exploration.

I now feel so much more motivated and ready to get the wheels turning on a career change."

What makes Work In Wellness so different?

Finally a group of people who get it. You'll be surrounded by a community of like-minded people who share the same passion and ambition – to keep you accountable and to motivate you to keep going for your dream.

We know you're not just looking for any old job. That's why we're asking the questions that matter, in a way that sparks deeper thought, greater insight, and establishes a firm foundation for long-term career success in the wellness industry.

You've been stuck long enough. We want you to feel empowered to make smarter decisions now, and in the future – which is why this course is a toolkit you can come back to time and time again to ensure lasting changes. Less confusion, more clarity.

Ever feel like you're in the right place at the right time? Us too. From start to finish, our team is geared up to support you with finding a job you love – and the best part? We've been on the same journey. The difference? We've got answers.

How long have you been feeling

stuck where you are?

Will the next 8 weeks be the ones you look back on – and recognise as the chance you took on yourself and your dreams?

The next step is up to you.

The 8 Week Journey

When you join Work In Wellness – you'll get access to key learnings that will translate into actionable tasks. During the 8 week program – you'll be guided through a comprehensive process of evaluating your goals, your values, your fears, and find a clear direction for your career path – which you can action immediately.



In week 1, you will dive into a process of defining who you are, what your current skillset looks like, and how to apply this knowledge of yourself in the context of a job search. You will also get clarity on what is holding you back, and together we'll arm you with tools and proactive solutions that ensure you don’t stand in your own way! This week is all about developing self awareness.



Continuing with the theme of greater self awareness and clarity, in week 2 we will build on the foundational elements of a career search in wellness. You'll learn about mindset, strategies for success and how to think outside the box when it comes to your strengths. You'll clearly define your non-negotiables and lifestyle goals and discover how to weave those into your search process.



Let's review your career to day and get really clear on your weak areas – these are the gaps you'll need to fill in order to advance your career in wellness. We'll also explore the nature of the modern workplace so that you know exactly where you can position yourself and how. Plus, if you've been wondering how to actually search for a career in wellness – this week you'll find out!



By now you'll know just how many opportunities there are for you in this industry. The Welltodo team are experts in the wellness sector and we're about to share this extensive knowledge, statistics and industry insights with you so that you're prepared and have a competitive edge in this exciting career landscape. Employers want passion and expertise, so this week you'll refine your sector knowledge.



In week 5 you'll begin cultivating a success mindset and apply holistic habits to your job search. By thinking differently, you'll improve your chances of securing a different outcome – so we're starting with greater self awareness. You'll define what success means to you and how to approach that vision with confidence and self belief. Now you can enjoy pursuing your ideal job – despite any challenges.



We're going to build your toolkit so that you can get the job in wellness. Now that you've gained clarity and direction, we want to give you key actionable strategies for 'the how'. Ever wondered what wellness brands look for in applicants? Want to stand out from the crowd? We'll dive into your CV, your profile and personal brand, setting you apart, and harnessing that new found confidence.



Networking, leveraging your personal story, getting to grips with your personal brand – we're going headfirst in week 7. We'll expand your toolkit for the job search and equip you with the know-how to close the deal on an amazing opportunity too. Remember, this is specific to the wellness industry, so we're going to unpack specific tips and tricks that you may not have ever considered before.



It's been a transformational process so far, and you're well on your way to knowing what you want, why you want it, and turning that dream job into a reality. In the final week of the course, we're future-proofing the process. That is, setting you up for continuing learning and development, and refining your job searching skills so that you can go forward and make your mark on the world's fast growing industry. Welcome to your new normal!

What else will you get from Work in Wellness?


Dynamic weekly webinars hosted by our expert team. Plus daily access to us for any other questions that crop us as you move through the process. This group will be alive and buzzing – and you'll be a valued contributor.


A host of resources including curated workbooks with exercises, visualisations, questions, and tools for you to implement immediately (after all – we want you to take action and get results!). Plus plenty of extra reading for the really hungry ones!


Lifelong access to the tools, resources and strategies we're recommending – meaning at any time you can refresh, recharge and join in the conversation with our active online & in-person community –– including an exciting event series we have planned!


An opportunity to challenge the way you think, feel and show up in your career – in a focused context. You're passionate about wellness right? Join the family, we're here to champion your success all the way to the finish line. Hurrah!

Meet Your Support Crew

Sophie Clyde-Smith

Welltodo Careers Manager &

Careers Coach

Sophie has an extensive career in recruitment across various sectors including financial services and more recently, wellness. She studied Biomedical Science and has always been passionate about health and wellbeing – which, upon moving to London, became the central tenant to her own job search.

Having championed career success for countless candidates – she now heads up the Careers division at Welltodo, coaching and supporting people just like you to build an incredible career in wellness.

Lauren Armes

Welltodo Founder &

Business Coach

Lauren studied International Business and Marketing and set out to climb the corporate ladder. She'd never imagined carving her own path as an entrepreneur. Moving to London from Australia 5 years ago opened her eyes to the possibility of just that. Starting out as a side hustle, Welltodo soon became a manifestation of Lauren's passion for the intersection of wellness and entrepreneurship and the rest is history! She loves helping as many people as possible to realise their potential in the wellness industry.

Sinead O'Callaghan

Welltodo Events

& Partnerships Manager

Sinead's career started out in the charity sector, something she remains incredibly passionate about to this day. Despite creating a successful career for herself, she discovered just over a year ago, that with a personal passion for health and fitness – perhaps a career transition was on the cards. After initially consulting to the business, Sinead proved herself to be invaluable to Welltodo taking a full-time role in September 2017. She now manages the Welltodo events and cultivates key brand partnerships.

Plus – get Exclusive Bonus Insights from our Guest Experts

We've carefully curated a group of leading industry experts to add their valuable insights to your experience in the Work in Wellness course. With incredible knowledge in their respective fields of neuroscience and behaviour change, each expert will add depth, scientific research and value to your journey through the Work in Wellness course.

Veronica van Nierop

B.Sc; D.C; Acup; MN.L.P;N.E.T.

Veronica is a Coach and Mentor who specialises supporting people in the realisation of their goals through applied Neuroscience. She has worked in Australia, Asia and UK. For more details on Veronica please visit

Toby Clyde-Smith

Positive Psychology Consultant

Toby is a psychological consultant who researches, plans and implements interventions in schools, universities and organisations across Europe. For more details on Toby and his work please visit

Dr Heather McKee

Behaviour Change Specialist

Dr Heather McKee is one of the UK's leading lifestyle behaviour change specialists, as well as a consultant, habit coach and founder of

Pricing + Plans


Single Payment of


– 8 week part time online program

– Course workbooks

– Support of online community

– Live support calls for group Q&A

– Case studies

– Lifetime access to course resources


2 Monthly Payments of


– 8 week part time online program

– Course workbooks

– Support of online community

– Live support calls for group Q&A

– Case studies

– Lifetime access to course resources

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Meet some of our Success Stories...

Read the inspiring stories below of how the Work in Wellness course changed Pippa and Fiona's lives.


"Work in Wellness is one of the best decisions I've ever made! I have now found my dream job."

I remember clearly the day I signed up to the course. Sitting on the roof terrace of my office, with a desire completely taking over my being to follow my own motto of "do what you love" and my passion for wellness. I had no idea how I was going to do this.

I was afraid because I have no qualifications – only the passion for health and fitness and my personal experience in my journey of self discovery. I had a safe and secure job, working with a great team of people which was a risk to leave behind, but I couldn't ignore this feeling - everything was telling me it was time to move on and do this. 

So I took the leap, investing a chunk of my savings which I wouldn't normally spend, especially on something intangible, and joined the Welltodo career guidance course - Work in Wellness. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

As someone with dyslexia, I was a bit concerned how I would get on with the course content being online learning, I learn best by 'doing' rather than reading. But this has not been an issue at all and have loved how interactive the course content has been - the variety of resources, books, audio and video links and of course the work book of questions. I have worked through at a slower pace in my own time, and enjoyed letting the inspiration flow.

A position became available in my company working within our HR team, which had the potential I thought to include a new Wellness aspect, something which was not currently being done in our company, so I went for it. Working through the first section of the course to understand ourselves, what we value and our why's, really helped to give me a clear understanding of what I wanted from my next role, and the confidence to ask for it. Having struggled with social anxiety, it has felt amazing to relax and feel at ease talking about what I am so passionate about. 

I have now found my dream job, and before finishing the course! But this has been just as much a life coaching tool for me, as well as guidance in my career, which is proving invaluable. My confidence and has grown, I am regularly making new connections and I cannot find enough hours in the day to learn about all the things I need to know, which I hope will help me to fulfill my purpose in this next role.

Fiona M

"I was so stuck – now I am on the right path which is full opportunity!"

I was stuck in the same monotonous circle, working too hard and too scared of making the wrong decision that I just kept going round and round. I was trying to kept everything in check, do the best that I could and make everyone proud (you know who I mean – the parents, the boss, the boyfriend!). I felt like I was being pulled every which way, but in between getting up religiously at 6am to get to the gym, a 2 and a half hour round commute, an ever demanding job and trying to maintain a social life... I never felt satisfied. I just kept wondering what I was doing it all for. It felt meaningless and empty. I was so jealous of those people who either LOVED their job or were doing something for the better.

After quite a tough stage in my personal life, I knew I needed to make a change but it took me quite some time to go and do it. I wanted to make a shift into the wellness industry to support others lead a healthier lifestyle, however with no experience or qualifications to support such a move I had no idea where to start. I began searching for a change, but would aimlessly Google random words in the hope that it would change my life (FYI Google doesn’t work like that!). It was only when I bumped in Welltodo at Balance Festival that things really starting to change. The Work in Wellness course seemed too good to be true. It did not take me long to decide that I was committing to the course, and for me this was the catalyst for change and the key moment my mindset transformed; I was 100% committing myself to this course and this transition.

There is so much content that you can explore. All of the content, podcasts, videos and articles that Welltodo suggest are so unbelievably helpful, not just for your transition to wellness but generally in your strategical approach to pretty much anything. For me what they suggested was just the start, as naturally it leads you onto other material and before you know it a whole world of content is opened up to you that you have no idea about before.

The team were always on hand to support with any queries or questions you have so despite it being an online course it really feels like a community.

The course has been amazingly insightful and really allowed to me to clearly understand and focus my thoughts and intentions. I have now just finished and whilst I have yet to fully commit to a new job, I am clearly on the right path, optimising every opportunity, be that shadowing, networking and volunteering, so that I can find the next role which is right for me. It is such an exciting period, and yes whilst at times it is scary to make such a big change, you have to remember why you are doing this in the first place and trust in the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the course run?

Work In Wellness is an 8 week online careers course. We will next be running the course in January 2019 and enrolment will open in December 2018. Be sure to join the waitlist and be first to know all the relevant updates!

Remember, we've designed it so that you can go at your own pace. If you're unsure if these dates work for you – please reach out to us at

What are the timings of the course? How much time will I need to be able to dedicate to the course?

The Work in Wellness course was specifically designed as a part-time course and definitely with people in full time employment in mind. We recommend you dedicate in the region of 4 - 6 hours per week so very manageable alongside peoples busy lives!

Each week we recommend additional resources so if you do have extra time, if you’re in part-time employment or if you’re not currently working, you are welcome to spend 6+ hours/ week or more on the course.

How much does the course cost?

We have a couple of options available – either to pay in full, or pay in instalments. Check them out by scrolling up and reviewing our payment options.

Don't forget to take advantage of the early bird pricing if you can!

How and when is payment made?

Payment can be processed in one lump sum or by monthly instalments using a debit or credit card.

If you have any problems making payment – reach out to us at

How many other people will be on the course?

You’ll be joining a community of up to 40 like-minded passionate people. Each member will be invited to join a private community group hosted by the Welltodo team.

Will I ever meet any of the course organisers or fellow members?

At the beginning of every course we hold a 'Welcome' call through Zoom. Zoom is a conference software that allows many people to be on a video call at the same time. We will be hosting a casual meet up at the end of the course, for those who are able to make it and who can access central London easily. This is however most definitely a global course so anyone who cannot attend this meet up will not be missing out on any course aspects.

There will be plenty of engagement in our private community group online.

We’d also love to meet you at one of our industry events (perfect for learning about trends, hearing stories from successful business founders and networking with like-minded passionate people). We’ll send you a special discount code to attend any events that take place during the course.

Whilst there won’t be any other organised socials, we do encourage you to chat to other course members (via the private group we’ll invite you to) and hey, if you get on, then why not meet up for a coffee.

Who do I speak to if I have a question about the course content?

The private community group online is specifically designed for the cohort to voice any questions - the Welltodo team will be very actively supporting you through this group.

Additionally, through the weekly webinars, we will also be tackling some common challenges that people face so they’re a huge added value!

For any technical issues that may arise e.g. trouble accessing the content, IT issues, the team will be on hand via email.

Do I need to be based in London to take part?

Work in Wellness is an online careers course welcoming people from all corners of the globe.

What resources do I need to complete the course?

All you’ll need to complete the course is a laptop, pen, paper, and a can-do attitude! You will also need a Facebook account to access the online community group.

As part of the course we’ll also recommend a few of our favourite books. Purchasing these books is not compulsory and will not jeopardise your completion of the course.

Will I get anything to prove that I have completed the course?

Apart from a toolkit to land your dream job, you’ll also receive a certificate of completion – great for your CV and it's something companies in the industry recognise as a sign of incredibly proactivity!

Who will be leading the course?

The Welltodo team will lead you on this exciting journey of discovery. Learn more about us up above!

What happens if I can no longer complete the course within the specified time (illness, work commitments, holiday etc)?

To get the most out of the course and the community, we suggest completing the course in the proposed 8 weeks. However, we understand life can get in the way sometimes and therefore we’ll include in your welcome pack instructions for extending your course finish date.

Please note, all community activities will take place during the initial 8 weeks.

Additionally, you will have lifetime access (yes - lifetime access!) to all the course material so at any point in the future that you want to refer back to the content, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will always be able to.

I’ve enrolled in the course but I’m having second thoughts. Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. In an extenuating circumstance please email and someone from the team will explore transfer options with you.

My question was not answered in the FAQ’s - what shall I do?

We would be happy to jump on a call with you, simply click this link and you can access our calendars! Or email us on